• Takdir Zulhaq Dessiaming Universitas Muslim Indonesia, Indonesia
  • Siska Anraeni Universitas Muslim Indonesia, Indonesia
  • Suwito Pomalingo Universitas Muslim Indonesia, Indonesia
Keywords: Academic Data, College, Data Visualization, Comprehensive Stage


Data is a collection of information that contains a broad picture related to a situation. The amount of data is not necessarily better, because a large data set makes it difficult to convert data into information in a timely manner, especially in analyzing data which produces meaningful and relevant information which ultimately results in quick and appropriate action. Higher education management in Indonesia requires fast and accurate academic reports so that it can facilitate strategic decision making in order to improve the quality of education. This study aims to carry out a comprehensive process of analyzing academic data at universities to display them into interactive data visualizations, so that they can retrieve the information in it and make strategic decisions. The method used is a data visualization technique, which allows users to easily see the insights or insights contained in the data. The results obtained are data that has passed the preprocessing stage, can prepare data before being analyzed and processed to be used to make data visualization, so that the information obtained is more varied. This information can be used as a reference by academic managers to make strategic decisions.


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